Bike for Tykes needs 150 Helmets

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Please Read: The Impact of Multiplication

For every dollar we raise, Obsession Bikes will match it.
From that total, our Helmet Sponsor will match that again!

If you donate $30 for one helmet, Obsession will match it and your donation $60.

That $60 will be matched by the helmet company for a total value of $120 - all from your original donation!

$2500 TinyKick - Rampage Live Bikes for Tykes
+$2500 Match from Obsession Bikes, North Van
$5000 from BIKES For TYKES 2013
+$5000 Match from Helmet Sponsor
$10,000 so kids can experience a
bike and a helmet on
Christmas morning.




Bikes for Tykes needs 150 helmets!

Purchase a helmet today.

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Rampage LIVE Feed at Narrows Pub in North Vancouver
Sunday October 13th, 2013

SUCCESS, Raised over $1500


RAMPAGE is the Premiere Freeride Cycling event, watch these top athletes rip from the top of a natural mountain with on a week for riders to hand build their lines. 

Come to the Narrows Pub in North Vancouver to watch the Redbull Rampage LIVE feed on a projector screen with a bunch of other Freeride fans!  

The Rampage Burger Combo with Beer is $20 and procedes go toward the cause.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/161354427405692/

The cause is Bikes for Tykes, an initiative that was brought to Vancouver 8 years ago by James Wilson, owner of Obsession Bikes in North Van.  They take in about 200 used bikes by donation, then they restore the bikes and distribute about 150 bikes through different Vancouver Charities for Under Privileged families during the holidays.  

Our goal is to raise enough money to buy helmets for EVERY bike being donated

What We Need & What You Get

Let's Break It Down:

  • Admission is free, but get a RAMPAGE Combo $20 Beer & Burger
  • Donate onsite with safe online donation stations
  • Participate in a Silent Auction offering Riding Gear, Parts and Redbull Swag
  • Fantacy Podium Bidding Pool, all procedes go towards the cause.  


Silent Auction Prizes

(SOLD)RJL Services
-Swaggman 2 Bike Hitch Mount Rack: value $200

(SOLD)Mark Bunyan Training
-2 Hour Guided Ride in Whistler, BC summer 2014: value $150

(SOLD)Obsession Bikes
-Fox RAMPAGE Fullface Helmet: value $135

(SOLD)Marzocchi Canada
-Hoodie, T-shirt Combo: value $75
-Vintage Jersey: value $50 (Priceless)

-DVDs Where the Trail Ends / Strength In Numbers +Stickers: value $65

(SOLD)On Top Bike Shop
-Bike Lock, On Top T-Shirt and Limited Edition "Digger" Shirt: value $90
Donation: Kona Mountain Bike for Bikes For Tykes

(SOLD)North Shore Bike Shop
-4 x Shwalbe 29er Tires: value $240
Donation: 7 Kids Helmets for Bikes For Tykes

(SOLD)Cove Bikes
-Bearclaw Grips, 2 x Water Bottles, Key Lanyard, 2 x T-Shirts: value $135

(SOLD)Norco John Henry Bikes
-4 x Lazer Helmets, Women's RaceFace Jacket: value $1000

(SOLD)Steed Cycles
-Hoody, Cycling hat, Water bottle: value $55

(SOLD)Republic Bicycles Brackendale
-Scott Knee gaurds, Scott Elbow gaurds, Shop T-shirts: value $370

Donation: $40 Cash

(SOLD)Lynn Valley Bikes
-JoyStick 8-bit handle bar, Joystick Lock on grips, Shop Stem caps, Shop Stickers: Value $120



Who We Are

Ben Glassen - Freeride Mountain Biker
604-831-6955 benjaminglassen@my.capilanou.ca

Camp Coordinator - Highland Mountain Bike Park

Capilano University Student

  • Mountain Bike Operators Certificate
  • OREC Diploma 
  • Tourism Management 

Series Champion - Cross On the Rock, Intermediate Cat.
1st Place - Backyard Bash Trials, Sport Cat.
3rd Place - Ranchstyle, Best Trick
10th Place - Crankworx Colorado, Slopestyle 

Jordan Timmer - Downhill Mountain Biker
604-809-1107 jordantimmer@my.capilanou.ca

Guide and Instructor - Mark Bunyan Training

Capilano University Student

  • Mountain Bike Operators Certificate
  • MTB Guiding and Instruction Level 1 & 2
  • Outdoor Rec and Adventure Tourism Diploma

BC Champion - 4X, Expert Cat.
Cycling BC Cup - DH, Top 10




Project Location:

1970 Spicer Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7H 1A2


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Raised of $2,500 goal

Hosted by:
Ben Glassen




Days To Go


Project Kicked

$30 or more

Helmet for a Kid
17 redeemed by backers.

You contribute a total of $120. That is 4 Helmets. Big Help.

$90 or more

THREE Helmets
8 redeemed by backers.

You contribute a total of $320. That is 12 Helmets! Making dreams come true.

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