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"Sustainability - Project Change" is a course in the Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Management program at Capilano University, focusing on the "3 Pillars of Sustainability" in our world - Social, Environmental, and Economic.

As a project for this course, three students - Ben Henry, Brad Ross, and Jessi Pelech - are addressing a social issue by organizing a clothing donation and fund-raising campaign. The proceeds of this initiative will be gifted entirely to the Vancouver-based charitable society, Working Gear. (www.workinggear.ca)

This worthwhile cause provides essential white- and blue-collar clothing to men re-entering the work force, after having come through various rehabilitation programs. While trying to get back "on-track", and becoming, once again, productive members of society, many of these men face the economic obstacle of procuring appropriate clothing for an interview, or entry to a construction job site. Since 2007, Working Gear has been instrumental in removing that obstacle, by outfitting clients, free of charge, with appropriate work clothing. This vital service is a key component in positive change for many men in the Metro Vancouver region.

Help us help others by contributing a donation here, through Tinykick. Additionally, here's an opportunity to purge those closets of unwanted clothing items. Donation bins located in the Students' Union Lounge at Capilano University will be available through November 25.

Thank you for your support of a great cause!


Project Location:

2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC.


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