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This project starts with a love story.  150 years ago a young Portuguese gentleman met a young Coast Salish woman on the banks of the Fraser river.  Her name was Khaltinaht and she was the granddaughter of Chief Kiapilano (of the Capilano Nation).  His name was Joe SIlvey and he had only come to Canada a few years before.  They were married and only a few short years into the union, she tragically died.  Joe married again to another Coast Salish woman Khaltinat and they had a long and wonderful life together.  Joe was truly one of BC’s most colourful pioneers.  He was one of the first residents of Vancouver, owned one of the first bars in Gastown and had the first Seine fishing licence ever issued in BC.  Khaltinaht and Joe had 11 children who are the decendents of many thousands of British Columbians.


The work involves creating a bronze sculpture that honours the three individuals and their legacy.  One of the exciting components of this project and the focus of this campaign is the grand unveiling.


Where the funds go:

Tent rental, equipment rental, pa, food, parking, volunteer appreciation, and all other costs to support the unveiling



The Artist

The artist who has been chosen to create this sculpture is the great, great grandson of Portuguese Joe and Khaltinaht.  His name is Luke Marston and he is a Master Coast Salish Carver.


Here is an introduction to Luke in his own words.


“It is a great honour for me to participate in this project… to leave a Coast Salish sculpture for generations to come and to be part of sharing cultural history on Coast Salish Land.


Drawing on inspiration from nature as my ancestors have done for thousands of years, I want to revitalize the rich and creative traditions nearly lost to my people.


In completing the artwork I am striving to showcase the Coast Salish Art Form in an exemplary manner and use the skills I have developed over the years through mentorship and accumulated knowledge.


In my work, I want to demonstrate where native art is today.  My passion is telling the history of the Coast Salish people.  Through this project I will have a chance to share our stories in a visual context. 


Overall, I want to show the people of today, the rich and abundant culture of our people.


The beauty within native art has the ability to capture you and draw you in.  Caring for the transfer of knowledge and culture from the past into the future is a large part of who I am.”


The Celebration and Grand Unveiling

To celebrate Portuguese Joe and his wives' legacy of love and pioneering spirit and bridge-building, a statue and plaque with historical information is being installed in Stanley Park, near their first home and along the seawall where the public can learn and be inspired by their legacy. It will be unveiled in May of 2014 with people from Coast-Salish and Portuguese communities, First Nations elders and government dignitaries, the general public, and his direct descendants.

The grand celebration will include talks about his life and legacy, as well as music, dance, food and art displays from Coast-Salish and Portuguese traditions. Elders from the three First Nations of Stanley Park will give traditional blessings and traditional welcome drumming. The author of Portuguese Joe's biography will share a reading/historical talk, and descendants of the Silvey family will speak. We might even let a politician slip in a word or two... but the focus will be on celebrating and sharing the culture and traditions of the Coast Salish and Portuguese communities.  Youth from the two communities will prepare a music/dance performance that is a fusion of their cultural traditions. What better way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the marriage of young people from two different cultures than by bringing together today's youth to once again explore a creative mixing of their cultures? 

The perks we have created are both fun and supportive of the project.  We hope you like them.  If you do, it would be great if you can let others know about our important project.


Project Location:

Brockton Point Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC


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